Doomsday: When’s the next Apocalypse?

Apocalypse and Doomsday Predictions


This site is intended to keep the public informed on when the next Doomsday is upon us!

Of course we can’t move forward unless we revisit the past to review previous Doomsday predictions and how they panned out. Well actually, if you’re reading this then we know how they ended. BAZINGA! Still, visiting the past can give us a good foundation for future predictions and a clue as to what all the hoopla is about. So, with that being said, you will find some in depth information about some past predictions on my site.

My other goal is to inform you about specific apocalyptic predictions that are coming in our near future. Then you can decide for yourself if you need to:

  • Stock up on food and water
  • Pray more
  • Hunker down in a fallout shelter
  • Wear aluminum hats
  • Or …  just go on with business as usual


So when’s the next Doomsday? Click on the articles above and I’ll let you decide!


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